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Wloom 16: Gravity game test

Game mission is to evacuate a (unconcious) robot to the exit by toggling gravity up or down. Gravity and ragdoll physics is done by bullet.js.

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Overview of (sub-) projects and their relations

- vector/matrix math
- mostly ported from java
- screen proportional menus/gui
- desktop/mobile (mouse/touch)
- 3D physics engine
- ported from jbullet
- bone-tree 3d objects
- key frame animation, io
- inspired by doom3 md5 structure
- web paint app
- transparency, sprite animation
- web 3d editor
- mesh,bones,animations,textures
- WebGl game env/testing ground
- optionally uses three.js or glge libs
- 2D bone-tree object animation/gametest
- canvas or WebGl renderer


cutout.js - Game Test

The animation project of a previous blogpost is now extended to a game experiment, with following features:
  • Canvas or WebGl renderer via menu
  • Stereo WebAudio synth effects
  • Particle system
  • Various controls depending on system and browser: keys (wasd,cursor,ctrl), mouse, touch or gamepad
Game mission is to fight the mobs. Health regenerates over time. One should only fight single ncps at once. Current quest is to finish the game in less than 264.9 seconds. :)

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WebAudio Piano App

Doing some WebAudio experiments. This tutorial helped to start playing music. From there the piano app was implemented, which displays music notes on piano keys. To get music data, a midi-file parser was written, with the help of this format description and the jasmid library. There are 4 different view modes, which are shown on the picture. Replay speed, volume and a replay range can be modified. To start the app, click one of the following links.

►Solaris theme, Bach
►Deception, Winterreise, Schubert
►Silent night

With the carol, since probably there wont be more blogposts in this year, happy holidays and a good transition to 2014 for everyone! :)

Update 10.1.2014: Single tracks can be muted/hidden and screenshot menuitem added.


Wloom 15: bullet.js (and Web 3d editor update)

WebGl game environment 'Wloom' can optionally utilize bullet.js physics libary. This library is now also integrated into the Web 3d editor 'W3dit'. Some thoughts on this version:
  • A first test is a fight game demo (subtitle: High art of low punches).
  • The physics library simulates a physical virtual reality. Another virtual reality layer can be added by using Oculus Rift renderer and device. -> VR²
  • With oculus, canvas hud overlay isnt sufficient anymore, thus a 3d hud with canvas texture is added.
  • In the web editor, press menu 'A.toggle' to see animation and physics.
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Rantzau Genealogy

Frantz von Rantzau 1606-1677
Hans Danielsen von Rantzau 1567-1649
Daniel Rantzau 1534-1589
Henning Rantzau 1495-1537
Schack Rantzau 1445-1510
Christian Rantzau 1649-1704
Hans zu Rantzau 1693-1769
removes serfdom
Schack Carl Rantzau
Movie "A royal affair"
Henning Rantzau 1395-1470
Henneke Rantzau 1375-1397
Henneke Rantzau 1335-1390
Otto IV Rantzau -1398
Otto III Rantzau 1310-1362
Otto II Rantzau
Cai I Rantzau -1340
Cai II Rantzau -1397
Breide Rantzau -1440
Heinrich Rantzau 1437-1497
Johann Rantzau 1492-1565
Heinrich Rantzau 1526-1599
Gerhard zu Rantzau 1558-1627
Christian zu Rantzau 1613-1663
Detlef zu Rantzau 1644-1697
Wilhelm Adolf zu Rantzau 1688-1734
builds church

Image by PodracerHH
Recently I watched the very nice movie "A royal affair", which has a character called "Rantzau". A local church was also build by a "Rantzau" and I wondered, how they are connected. Wikipedia, a PDF, google books and the website finally reconstructed the links between the two. The internet stays awesome. :)


Wloom 14: WebGl Run

This WebGl game demo is inspired by Temple Run and similar games. The protagonist runs along beziercurves, must collect gems and avoid foes. The demo ought to run smooth on mobile devices using simple WebGl rendering and on desktop with more graphics effects via three.js or glge. A various number of input controls is supported (if device and browser has it): keyboard, mouse, touch, tilt and gamepad.


Update 9.10.2013: Got an oculus rift device and added a Three.js render mode for it. If you have the device and a browser plugin installed, virtual reality is there.