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O3D demo with skeletal animation

This demo shows skeletal, key-frame-based animation with Google O3D. All mesh- and animation data is stored within a html-file (~60kB) and processed via javascript. Only the texture is loaded from an jpg-file.


alex hat gesagt…

can you please make a tutorial how to build animated scenes using o3d?

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Thanks for the comment. Sry for the late answer, I didnt read it before. Since O3d plugin wont be supported in future (instead google support WebGl and possibly a js-library O3d), I wont do O3d stuff neither. WebGl is imho the more promising technology, so Im doing that. There are also some good WebGl tutorials around.

vrtlia hat gesagt…

Hi pl4n3,
I'm about to change to Webgl but I have to finish a work in o3d before I quit it, my main problem is that I really need to know how to convert properlly a character from 3ds max to O3d. Could you tell us this process step by step if you don't mind?

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

sorry, I cannot say how a 3ds -> O3d format konversion would work, because I used here an own format. I never used 3ds and dont know its format specification.
Greets, Pl4n3