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Canvas Game Demo: 4Rumble

As a small project besides a more complex 3d-project (soon more infos here) i wrote this game demo for canvas and javascript. Its a remake of a flash game demo, named 4Rumble (click, click), i made a while back. In this Javascript demo there is currently only one character, Cursor-Left/Right make him run around. Cursor-Up/Down zooms in and out. A formerly flash demo ported to javascript, might be seen as statement in the current html5-instead-of-flash debate. Which leads to:

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My opinion about the Apple/Html5 vs. Flash debate (click, click): I dont have much to do with apple and i dont have much todo with flash. So im not directly affected. Obviously, Html5 is more open and accessible, than flash, so I love to see it gain ground. On the other side I strongly dislike vendor-lockin on Iphone (and elsewhere, e.g. linux-ban on ps3). It kills creativity, the user should have the choice between different technologies. If native apps are better than those (compiled) with intermediate code, they will supersede naturally other apps. There is no need for prohibition. If apple would allow flash (or more importantly imo: java) on its devices, I maybe also wanted to have one. :)
And now for sth. completely different: Google makes O3d a WebGl-Javascript-library, the plugin-development is stopped. This is imo a good step since with WebGl there wont be a need for a browser-3D-plugin. Though, WebGl doesnt currently run everywhere (i.e. on i.e.), but according to google the plugin will still be available for at least a year.

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