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WebGL demo: normalmaps, shadows, scripting

The demo uses the glge-library and shows
  • normalmapping,
  • shadows and
  • scripted lights and animation
for WebGL. The building is inspired by a church in Schwerin.


Anonym hat gesagt…

fails with javascript alert

shader compile failed:

ERROR: 0:70: 'assign': cannot convert from 'const int' to float
ERROR: 0:80: 'gl_FragDepth': undeclared identifier
ERROR: 0:80: 'gl_FragDepth': undeclared identifier

Warning: 0:70: Calls to functions that may require gradient calculation inside a conditional block may return undefined results.

tested on Nokia n900.


pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Hmm, thanks for the log! Cannot reproduce it now, maybe hopefully this will resolve itself whilst webgl becomes less buggy. Or Im going to get me a n900 later and try to fix it :)