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Wloom - WebGl game, work in progress #6

WebGl game Wloom version 0.6 is here.

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(Chrome 9+, Firefox 4+)

  • New content: map and templar model
  • Basic scripted cutscenes. They are defined in a external map-script-file (same as AI,...), thus dont strain game core.
  • Minor changes, e.g. in previous version the whole map mesh was used for collision calculation. Now there is coarse collision mesh and a more fine-grained visible mesh.


alex hat gesagt…

why mouse is inverted?

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Hmm, dont know, why I did this. I'm also used to non-inverted mouse, so I changed it now. This should be eventually configurable..

Chris Brulak hat gesagt…

When I play there is a very loud 'click' or tick whenever the character moves. It's pretty annoying and it would be nice if that sound could be turned off or at least down.

Otherwise, this is fantastic. Great job!

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Thanks! Yes, I will work on the sound. Current sound is basically only proof of concept.

Denis Tosic hat gesagt…

reaaally impressive!

Capt'n Corrupt hat gesagt…

It's coming along really well! I love the Magic3D crosseye version. Very innovative.

I would also like to see an anaglyph mode for cheap 3D glasses. But if you decide to do this, please have a calibration step as monitors/glasses tend to have different shades of red/cyan and this will minimize ghosting!

Keep up the fantastic work.