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3 Canvas demos

Long time no update for this blog. Here are 3 smaller canvas demos, that were created during that months.

Army of the Immortals. A simulation of mortal and immortal entities, which might illustrate, why natural evolution hasnt created immortality yet.

Perspective texturing. Using baryonic technique textures are drawn on canvas. This can result in artsy pictures.

Image viewer. Scrollable, zoomable with mouse(-wheel) and keyboard. With minipicture.


qubodup hat gesagt…

I only see a screenshot

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Yea sorry, the blogpost isnt finished yet, got distracted.. Should be done in some hours!

Whothehellisthat hat gesagt…

As far as I can see, the Immortals keep winning. Have you given them the wrong colours in the text explanation or something? @.@

Bart hat gesagt…

Very nice experiment with the Army of Immortals, explanation seems to make sense. I ran it few times and have mortals winning 8 times and immortals 2 times. Looking at the graph and then unchaining the imagination I reckon there where some pretty brutal and desperate battles being fought, with instant crushings, comebacks and heavy skirmishes all over the map :)

And bonus for the quote!

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Thanks for the comments! Yes, sometimes do the immortals (green) win, because the process is randomized. If a higher number of runs is done, the mortals (red) should win most of the times (~ 66%).