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Wloom 0.10: Desktop and Nexus 7

This time focus was, to have the same WebGL game demo being fluently playable on both Desktop and Nexus 7. To achieve this, on Nexus 7 the resolution is lowered. Also different renderers for different platforms are used. On Nexus 7 its a simple one, on Desktop its a more advanced renderer using GLGE for better effects (shadows, particles, lights). Finally, to have the demo being playable on Nexus 7, touch controls are added. They are visible on Desktop too and then display, which keys are pressed.

►Start demo
(WebGL enabled browser, on Nexus 7: Firefox Beta, Opera mobile, Chrome beta with flag set)

This is probably the last blogpost before the end of the world on 21.12.2012 of this year, thus happy holidays and a good new year everybody! :)

Update 8.1.2013: Added improved menu and gamepad support. Gamepad works here with Chrome on Desktop. So now the demo runs on desktop and mobile with either keyboard and mouse, touch or gamepad controls. Its a nice level of 'write once, run everywhere'.

Update 26.1.2013: Chrome beta for android with easy WebGl access is now released. There, lowered resolution is no longer necessary since fps stays high on high resolution. Graphics shows performance of different browsers on Nexus 7 at different resolutions. Added a fullscreen menu item. On Nexus7 it works only with Chrome beta.


zproxy hat gesagt…

awesome! works on my nexus firefox at 24 fps.

keep up the good work!

pl4n3 hat gesagt…


Vinicius hat gesagt…

It works on my galaxy s2, both on the 4.1 browser and on firefox. Get about 30fps, although it looks very pixelated.

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Thanks! Pixelation is because of current low resolution. If resolutions is increased, framerate drops. But that might change on future browsers improvements or different devices, so I will make resolution configurable soon.

Anonym hat gesagt…

thanks for sharing..徵信.