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Rantzau Genealogy

Frantz von Rantzau 1606-1677
Hans Danielsen von Rantzau 1567-1649
Daniel Rantzau 1534-1589
Henning Rantzau 1495-1537
Schack Rantzau 1445-1510
Christian Rantzau 1649-1704
Hans zu Rantzau 1693-1769
removes serfdom
Schack Carl Rantzau
Movie "A royal affair"
Henning Rantzau 1395-1470
Henneke Rantzau 1375-1397
Henneke Rantzau 1335-1390
Otto IV Rantzau -1398
Otto III Rantzau 1310-1362
Otto II Rantzau
Cai I Rantzau -1340
Cai II Rantzau -1397
Breide Rantzau -1440
Heinrich Rantzau 1437-1497
Johann Rantzau 1492-1565
Heinrich Rantzau 1526-1599
Gerhard zu Rantzau 1558-1627
Christian zu Rantzau 1613-1663
Detlef zu Rantzau 1644-1697
Wilhelm Adolf zu Rantzau 1688-1734
builds church

Image by PodracerHH
Recently I watched the very nice movie "A royal affair", which has a character called "Rantzau". A local church was also build by a "Rantzau" and I wondered, how they are connected. Wikipedia, a PDF, google books and the website finally reconstructed the links between the two. The internet stays awesome. :)

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