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Wloom - WebGl game, work in progress

Currently I work on a game for WebGL named 'Wloom'. It shall be fastpaced, from egoperspective, with walkable architecture, maybe an egoshooter. Initially i wanted to call it 'Gloom', but that is taken by an amiga game. So in 'Wloom' the 'Wl' is short for WebGL, 'oom' is a reminiscence to another great game. :) On the right is a video of the current state. You can test the game (with a webgl-capable browser) here. Currently you can only run around with a protagonist and watch the map. Main controls are w,a,s,d,left,right, you can also look around with mouse drag. The WebGL-canvas automatically resizes with the browser, thus the game may run fullscreen.

With this I wish the visitors of this blog Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Updates on this and other projects will be posted soon, but probably not before 2011.