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Hearthstone inspired card game test

Its a card game for 2 players, human versus the computer. Cards have 3 properties: cost, attackpoints (ap) and hitpoints (hp). A card with 4 cost can have 4 ap and 4 hp. It might have more/less ap, but then less/more hp too. General formula is cost/2=ap+hp. Cards can attack opponents cards or the opponent directly. If a card gets attacked or attacks its hp decrease by the ap of the other card. If a player is attacked directly, its hp decreases, if its value is 0, the game ends. The game is written for html canvas 2d, optionally webgl. It is based on the same rendering code as a previous game demo. A focus of this game test is playability on mobile devices, as card games are perfect for them (and there is now Hearthstone for android and ios too).

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