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WePaint - Web paint app

A new project started: The web based paint app 'WePaint'. Why? I looked for a paint program, which is able to handle:
  • transparency (alpha channel),
  • animated sprites,
  • logging and replay of paint operations.
Also I looked for a paint program for Nexus7, or better, a program that
  • runs on mobile platforms and on desktop. This is also needed, because later
  • it shall be used a texture paint component for the web 3d editor.
That are the goals for the project, it can be tested here:


There is currently following detail functionality:
  • Save/load images via localStorage.
  • Import/export images via dataUrl, png format.
  • Import/export paint operations(processes), text format.
  • Gif export of animated sprites and processes. Done with a gif encode library.
  • 4 paint tools: brush, erase, unerase, select and copy rectangle areas
The images of this blogpost are all created with the app. Currently there is no further documentation, functionality is still changing.

Update: Added pattern draw mode: Brush strokes repeat over the image borders, so that the resulting pattern looks borderless. The mode can be set by Menu>Edit>PatternBrush.

Update 27.1.2013: Added normal texture editing. Diffuse, normal and specular textures can be handled as 3 pages. Textures can be displayed alone or combined, where a lightsource is simulated.