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Javascript demos: Description logics and 2D Physics + Nexus 7/Android impressions

Description logics Rules can be defined, which then can be queried. The implementation is a simple description logics tableau resoner. Basic queries are of subsumption type, they ask if a concept subsumes another concept. Subsumption can be seen as is-a relation. Of multiple concepts a subsumption hierarchy, aka taxonomy, can be calculated and displayed.

2D Physics The demo is based on connected particles. Particles can be dragged and thus things go into motion and rotation. On top of this particles a vector graphics is drawn, which moves and deforms with underlying particles.

Nexus 7/Android impressions I got me this device and do quite like it. Programming-wise it made me explore some javascript apis, that I not much worked with before: touch-events, tilt-events, fullscreen, localStore. I tested with Chrome and Firefox Beta. Browsers still not support everything, but I hope that changes. Also I finally played some Minecraft PE. :)