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Creating 3D content using the (mobile) Web

To create textured 3d content, the web 3d editor (original blogpost) is combined with the web paint app (original blogpost). Editing of 3D mesh, texture coordinates and texture drawing now happens together. The content can be save/loaded via loacalStorage, imported/exported (where a texture is repesented as filename or data url), and tested in a webgl game environment (Wloom). It is currently very work in progress, but basic functionality is there.

►Youtube tutorial
►Start 3D editor


Visualize (and replay) notes without notes

The goal is to display piano notes without using musical notation. Notes are shown on top of piano keys. To replay them, the library MIDI.js and with it e.g. WebAudio is used. The image shows the progress of compactifying the display, where first only needed keyboard keys are drawn, and second repetitions are not redrawn.


Recognize the music? Solution: ⅁N∩HƆS∩Ǝ∀⊥ 'ƎSIƎᴚᴚƎ⊥NIM ⊥ᴚƎ𐐒∩HƆS


Wloom 12: New Mobs

This WebGl game demo contains a new map and new mobs. A focus is improved usage of gamepad or touch controls by applying autofocus during fights. Moving left/right then moves around the focussed mob.

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