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Happy Feast of Winterveil!

Last blogpost of this year, everyone a good transition to 2017! Assembled 2 2D javascript experiments. First has a walking and tumbling Santa Claus with randomly generated snow flakes. Second renders vegetation, moving as a frog runs through it.

► Start Santa Claus
► Start Vegetation


Recent subjects

Projects and contents that currently didnt manage to get own blogposts, only tweets. 🙂


Buckminster Fullers Jitterbug

Another small demo inspired by an article of journal 'Spektrum der Wissenschaft'. Its a simulation of a so called dancing octahedron (or Buckminster Fullers jitterbug), where trianglepoints are connected pairwise. In the simulation having only the triangles would make the object fold together. Thus auxilliary structure (gray lines) is needed to shape its form and behavior. In the demo the object can be dragged around (mouse/touch).

► Start


Conet Android App

My first android app is online. Its a basic webserver with simple file-upload and file-synchronize via home wifi, thus creating a decentralized local wifi cloud. App is currently public beta:

► Install

Project consists of 2 components:
1.) a basic webserver where webapps are able not only to simply load files from filesystem (XMLHttpRequest) but also to save them to it.
2.) if there are multiple devices with this app running connected to home wifi, they see each other and synchronize files.
Thus Conet is somewhat like working with cloud files, without the cloud: Edit data on a device (possibly offline), then after getting home, file-changes are distributed to other devices, where the work might continue.
Howto start: Start app. Start browser with url "localhost:7000". See examples.


Wloom 17: Script-Generated Levels

Mission is to create game levels with scripts. First demo shows 3d architecture being constructed using simple commands (box,gate,corridor,..) and raytracing. Second has a simple landscape with transparent vegetation. For each demo there are 3 links, the level-script shown with the web folding editor, the level-script run in the web 3d editor and the resulting level playable in wloom game environment.

Demo 1: Architecture
Source · 3d-Editor · Play

Demo 2: Landscape with transparent vegetation
Source · 3d-Editor · Play


Recent projects, Start 2016

History wikidata visualisation: ellipse > line. [Start]
Also first time tinkering with SVG.

New Threejs demo is online. Now with textures,
details, skybox aaand.. hamburger menu. [Start]

Web folding editor with syntax highlighting
for mobile and desktop. [Start]