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Strategy game experiment

This is a strategy game experiment. A goal is multiplatform, so that it can be played on phones and (even more appropriate) on tablets. Again the textures are made with the web paint app WePaint.


Update 4.4.2013: Gameplay is added, it consists of following points:
  • Its is basically real time strategy (RTS), all units can move at the same time.
  • A goal was very simple gameplay (with mobile devices in mind). To move is the only command for units. They attack automatically, if there is something in range. To stop an attacking unit, it as to be moved out of range.
  • The map consist of 3 different landscape tiles: lowland,forest,mountains. They affect view range, unit velocity and attack/defense. Lowland has best view range, highest unit velocity and worst attack/defense. Mountains has opposite values and forest is inbetween.
  • There are 2 kind of units, melee and ranged (catapult). Melee attack at near range, ranged units attack at far range but not at near range.
  • Units have hitpoints that regenerate over time. If a units lost all hitpoints, it is removed.
  • Each unit also has experience points, which increase during attacks. The more experience a units has, the better it attacks and defends.
  • Game mission is to defeat all the enemies.

Update 12.4.2013: Games can be recorded and replayed as gif. Resulting gif images are quite small, because 6bit palette and incremental draw is applied (using the library omggif.js).