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Finale 2014

Long time no blogpost. Reasons were vacation, work on projects continued, this posting will summarize some. Also it will be the last text of 2014, so to everyone nice holidays and a good transition to 2015!
  • Web 3D editor now has a three.js renderer instead of the previous plain canvas technique. The plain canvas is still there as overlay to display editing informations. The scripting functionality of the editor can be used to create demos. Scripts can be started via menu or url parameter. As an example the following link loads a xmas baneling with ragdoll physics and scripted animation:


  • Another project (work in progress) is to display train schedules, not as single routes, but as route networks. Single routes can be optimal, but sometimes, especially on routes with lots changes, there are multiple equally good routes. Choosing the right route can be easier using a network of all relevant routes, with all information combined. Problematic with this project is, that lots train companies dont provide raw data of train connections, hopefully OpenData gets more traction.

  • Finally a canvas racing game demo.