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Tagdox - minimal tag-based document app

  • The app maintains a list of documents, each has a title, body, tags and a timestamp.
  • The documentlist can be confined via tags(pulldown) and/or free-text search.
  • The documentlist can be ordered by title or timestamp.
  • There is functionality to edit,add & delete documents.
  • At startup documentlist is loaded from localStorage or file (JSON format), on change documentlist is saved to localStorage and can be exported to a file.
  • The use case here is a movie collection. The timestamp can be used to store when a movie was watched and to choose which to watch next.
  • The app is quite minimal, it consists of 3 files: data, backgroundimage and source, which has ~11kB vanilla javascript unminified.
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(use case: collection of 570 movies)