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Back from Cebu, Html5 game Sungka

I'm back from vacation. It was a very nice trip, here are three recommendations: Alta Cebu Resort - very nice place with internet and pool, Qatar Airways - tasty food, free beer and whiskey , Warped Passages - interesting book on particle physics, maybe a good read to understand coming LHC-experiments.

Working on new content: Games for Html5 (Canvas and/or WebGL). A first start is a implementation of the game Sungka using Javascript and Canvas (overall size 3.5kB). You can play it directly in the right field above. Currently it wont run on IE, only with e.g. firefox and chrome.


Html5-Canvas with variable size

I tried to make a Html-page with a Canvas-element, which fills the whole page or browser window. Following line
<canvas width="100%" height="100%">
didnt work. It produced a canvas with a dimension of 100x100 pixels. Following
<canvas style="width:100%;height:100%" width="100%" height="100%">
worked a bit better: the canvas filled the browser window. Though the canvas still had a size of 100x100 pixels, but it was scaled up to fit the page. To have a canvas that dynamically changes its size according to the browser window, I had to set canvas.width and .height manually, like in this code snippet:
var cont=canvas.parentNode;
if ((canvas.width!=cont.clientWidth)||(canvas.height!=cont.clientHeight)) {
Note: by setting e.g. canvas.width the canvas will be cleared, so the resize must take place before the repaint.

Update: If the canvas is used with WebGL, the gl-viewport must be set to the new size.


WebGL skeletal animation demo

Click here to see it (you need a webgl-enabled browser). This WebGL-demo runs completely without external javascript libraries. All code (incl some basic matrix-computation-routines), mesh and animation data is stored within the Html file, only the Texture is loaded from an external Jpg. The demo is similar to the previous for O3D (here), but there I use external libraries.


Twaja 1.0.8 Release

A first version of the java twitter client Twaja is available for download here. There are binaries and sources. Twaja may also run as applet or via Webstart.
Comments and critics appreciated.