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Wloom - WebGl game, work in progress #3

Finally there is a new version of the WebGl game Wloom.

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(Firefox 4+, Chrome 9+)

Following new features:
  • Skybox (the one I wrote about in a previous blogpost)
  • New map with hills and a tunnel
  • Map reiterates infinitely, thus the world does not end :)
  • Basic ai (npcs move away, if they are near another character)
  • Attack (key E), experimental fly mode (key N)


Starcraft 2 casts

In the last weeks I did spend some time watching Starcraft2 casts. I find them very entertaining to watch and they teach you to play. On the other hand watching alot casts is very time consuming. With this blogpost I will give an overview of my favorite casts. Following table contains name, url, unique features and, if existing, the main fraction and league-level the caster is playing. Because I watched casts only for the last weeks, the data assembled below might be incomplete or partly wrong. In this case please notify me and I will update things.

PsyPartly very funny.Zerg/Master
HDBasically awesome.Zerg/Master
TotalHalibutBritish accent. Partly very funny. Also other games like WoW.Terran/Silver
HuskyReference. Different game-styles (e.g. 4v4).Protoss/~Diamond
Day9Reference. Focus on in-depth (but also time consuming) analysis.
AhnarisBasically awesome.Terran/Gold
DestinyVery funny.Zerg/Master
Gom TvGreat GSL pro games. Login (e.g. via Twitter), partly free to watch.

Btw, the work on a new version of the WebGl game Wloom is almost finished. Thus there will be a new demo in a couple of days on this blog.