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Blog Concept with Taglines

Thinking about a new layout-concept for blogs with tags.
Problem: In a blog with multiple entries with multiple different tags its hard to view/distinguish entries that share same tags.
  • Colored lines, Taglines, each representing a tag, connect entries which have same tags.
  • Taglines for different tags have different colors and different horizontal position.
  • Entries are vertically ordered depending on creating time, newest entries above. Entries are horizontally shifted regarding their tags.
This concept improves the reading of blog-entries, wich belong together, while all entries remain visible. On the right side is an screenshot of an example-implementation.

Some concept-details:
  • The sorting of the tags, i.e. and the horizontal position and color of their taglines, depends on creation time of entries. Thus taglines of newer entries appear on the left side. Since entry shifting also depends on the tags, newer entries will also appear on the left side. This results in a good read-flow. Alternatively tag-sorting might depend on other criteria like tag-importance, thus most entries with most important tags would appear on the left side.
  • While taglines connect entries which share the corresponding tag, they may cross entries without that tag. Then they are displayed as if they lay under that entry, not connecting it.
  • The screenshot also shows a minimap, which may improve overview, if there are a lot of entries. There could also be a legend showing the color of the tags, and corresponding entry-counts.

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